How To Choose The Perfect Chandelier For Your Bathroom

A chandelier can be a very interesting choice if you need a new light fixture for your bathroom. Bathroom chandeliers might not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about bathroom light fixtures. Here is how you can find the right chandelier for your bathroom.

Consider The Size Of Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually small. Avoid large chandeliers that would occupy too much space or hang too low. You don’t want the chandelier to be too close to the shower curtain or to make your bathroom look cluttered.

Look For Something That Will Reflect Light

Chandeliers are interesting decor choices because these light fixtures usually reflect light. Look for a chandelier with several glass elements that will reflect the light and make your bathroom look brighter and larger. Glass is a popular material but you can also shop for crystal bathroom chandeliers or similar materials.

Rethink Your Bathroom Decor

Bathroom chandeliers work best when they are one of the main points of focus. You might want to rethink some elements of your bathroom decor if adding a chandelier would make the room look crowded. You should also think about adding some wall moldings and other similar elements if you want to have a traditional chandelier in your bathroom. Choosing decor elements in the same materials as your chandelier such as glass trinkets could be a good way to create an interesting motif.

Take the time to shop around and to look at different bathroom chandeliers before choosing one. Look for a light fixture that is adapted to the size of your bathroom and make sure it will work with the style of your bathroom. Look for a light fixture that will make your bathroom appear larger and brighter.

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