If you live in an area with hard water, you need to consider a water softener. The problem that you might have is that you will not know which water softener you should choose. There are many different systems on the market, but you need to consider what to look at when you choose one.

The Size Of The Water Softener

One of the most important factors that you have to consider when buying or leasing a water softener is the size of the unit. You need to get a water softening unit that is able to handle the demands of your household, but is not too large. It is not the physical size of the unit that is the most important, it is the ability of the unit to remove the hard minerals from the water.

There are several sizes of water softeners available and each will be rated by the number of grains of hardness that they can remove from the water between regenerations. It will be ideal to get a unit that will go at least 3 days before it needs to recharge. Longer periods of water usage will be better because it will limit the effort o your side.

To determine the size of the unit that you need, you should take the number of people in your household and multiply this by 75. This number is the average number of gallons each person will use in a day. This calculation will provide you with an estimate of the total amount of water that your household will use each day. You should then take this number and multiply it by the number of grains of hard minerals per gallon in your water. This will enable you to determine the capacity of the water softener that you need.

Water Softener Timer Controls

One of the features that you should look for in a water softener is the timer controls. Electronic timers and clocks on the unit will automatically recharge the unit at set times and days, based on the average usage. The problem with these controls is that they could have issues when you have a day of unusually large water usage. Another issue that you will have to consider with these units is that they could waste sodium and water when they regenerate the unit when it is not needed.

Softener DIR Controls

If you do not want to manually recharge the unit, you should look at DIR controls which are more sophisticated than timers. These controls are demand initiated and will have sensors that tell the unit when the resin needs to be recharged. This will save salt and regeneration water because the unit will never recharge when it does not have to. These controls will also be able to compensate for days when you have abnormal water usage.

There are a number of factors that you have to consider when looking at water softeners. You should consider the size and features to determine which unit is best for you. To know more contact us or visit the website at https://www.watersoftenergurus.com/kenmore-water-softener/.