Although shaving may seem like a really simple process, it actually isn’t that cut and dry. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when shaving your beard and what you should do instead.

1. Failing To Use Beard Oil

This is the most important product you can own if you have a beard. When you apply it on a daily basis you will receive the following benefits:

– It moisturizes your skin. The oil reaches those parts of your beard that are hard to reach, unlike the moisturizer you use for your face.

– Improved appearance. Beard oil helps make your beard look fuller, healthier and shinier.

– Easier to maintain. It is much easier to comb your beard when the hair is coated in oil.

– Eliminates itchiness. When the skin underneath your beard is not moisturized, it gets sore and itchy.

2. Neglecting Your Mustache

It is a common mistake to focus too much attention on the beard and not enough on the mustache. However, that can lead to an unbalanced or undesirable look. Here are some things to help:

– Select your style of mustache
– Use mustache wax to tame the hairs and style your mustache
– Trim. Keep your mustache under control by using a trimmer or beard scissors

3. Shaving Too High Up On The Neckline

Trimming the hair too high up from your jawline can look awful. Instead, it is important to visualize a curve line that goes between your ears and then passes under your chin. Then trim any hairs with a trimmer that don’t follow on that path.

4. Trimming Too Much Hair, Too Soon

It isn’t easy to get the trimming right. The most common mistake is to trim too much hair off. That often results in having to shave the entire beard off and having to start from scratch. Here are some elements to consider when shaping your beard:

Consider the shape of your face. Trim your beard so that the style is well-suited for the shape of your face.

Trim small amounts of your beard at one time. That will make it easier to correct any mistakes you might make.

Use beard oil on a regular basis. That will soften the hairs, which makes it easier to maintain your beard.

Brush your beard before you trim it. That way you will be able to see its exact length.

Only trim your beard when it is dry. When wet, hair appears longer.

5. Giving UP Too Early

It can easy to give up. After a few weeks of growth, it is common to think it isn’t working. That’s when many guys shave off their beards. However, at that point, you really haven’t given your beard enough time to truly reach its potential. Most men are just too impatient to give enough time to see what their beards can really do. It is best to wait at least a few months to see what your beard is capable of. For more information contact the best Beard Care Shop – Wahl.