About The St Petersburg Ball

Now in its twentieth successful year, the St Petersburg Ball has become firmly established as one of the most glamorous nights on the St Petersburg social calendar.

st pete florida ball


The ball will be held in the beautiful Grand Ballroom of the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone, a fitting venue for such a grand event. The vast majority of the ball guests obey the suggested dress code (19th century), with full decorations for men and tiaras for ladies, which makes for a wonderfully colorful evening.The music is provided by a leading military orchestra, just as it was in the days of the Russian empire. The dance program is entirely 19th century, which is enormously enjoyed by all. The ball guests will already have learned the dances at the dance practices held during the preceding months.

The evening begins with a vodka and champagne reception, followed by a banquet in the ballroom. The dinner is followed by dancing until 2.00 am.

Our Next Event Saturday 14th February 2015

In the course of the evening there will be an auction as well as a raffle and a gift tree. The money raised is in aid of the Children’s Burns Trust, incorporating Friends of Russian Children. The charity promotes the rehabilitation of burned and scalded children giving psychological support through family therapy, burns camps and related activities both in Russia and the UK. It also provides vital burns education in co-operation with the fire & rescue services, healthcare and education professionals.

Until you have seen someone with burn scars, it is hard to imagine just how deeply traumatic burn injuries can be, not to mention the pain. Even more so with children, who face a lifetime of gruelling plastic surgery, as scar tissue does not grow while the child does! This evening will go a long way towards helping prevent such tragedies and supporting those who sadly have been burned or scalded.