Most dentists know that they need to have a website if they want to increase the number of customers that they have. However, many of these dentists do not realize that simply having a website is not enough and you have to ensure that you are ranking well on the search engines. This is where search engine optimization will come in as it prepares your website for the search engines and ensures that they know what your website is about and are willing to rank it highly. There are a number of steps in dental search engine optimization that you need to complete to have your dentistry website ranking.

Get Authority Backlinks

Backlinks are something that you will hear a lot about when you look at search engine optimization. However, in the past, people focused on the number of backlinks that they could get and this strategy does not work anymore. Today, you need to get high-quality backlinks from websites that have authority in the dental industry.

To get these quality backlinks, you should look at publishing high-quality articles with dental websites or journals. Dental business directories are also a good place to get backlinks, but you need to be careful with this. You should only submit your website for listing with state business directories or the top dental directories such as Find My Dentist.

Get Onto Social Media

The search engines have revealed that social media interaction will include your website’s rankings. This is why you need to have a social media account and ensure that you have share buttons on any content that you have on your website. Posting articles and information on social media can also help your social media accounts rank in the search engines as more of the search engines are starting to list social media posts in their search results.

To get the most out of social media, you need to interact with people on the platform. You also need to link back to your website as this provides you with powerful backlinks. In SEO, social media is a popularity contest with the most popular websites getting the most credit.

Have A Blog

Your dental website will generally consist of static pages that do not often change. While this provides information to your potential customers, it does not really help with search engine optimization. When a website is not updated regularly, the search engines will start to view it as dormant and they will not index it as often. This will lead to a slip in the search rankings which is something that you want to avoid.

To overcome this problem, you need to have a blog and contact us on your website. A blog provides you with a way of regularly updating your website and increase the number of pages that visitors could land on. Of course, you need to ensure that the posts on your blog are relevant to your potential patients and are well written.